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vCenter 5.1a doesn’t show in the Inventory tree(not discover)

Hi All,

I have installed my vCenter 5.1a, after some issues I manage to install everything wihtout big issues.

But now when I run and login to vCenter Web Client I dont have any vCenter to manage. Some how the vCenter was not discover.

So I cannot manage the vCenter or add hosts into.

To add the vCenter to the inventory do I need to do any other task?? Should this not be automatic??

Thank You

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You can install the viclient on you machine and try to connect to vcenter that way,
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vCenter 5,1x works in a different way,

Hello hanccock

I thought that was needed only for 5.0 vCenter. Is also needed for 5.1?

I will try.

Thank You
Hi Again

It worked, thank you hanccock

Now will go for the next steps. Because the implementation of this 5.1a is a pain :(

Thanks worked 100%
Hi Again,

Wrong vCenter.

By mistake I have add the IP address from my vCenter 5.0. That is why it works.
Adding 5.1a is not the same way.

When I try to add I get:

"The vSphere Web Client Administration Tool only supports registration of vCenter Server version 5.0.  For newer versions, the vCenter Server system must be registered with the Lookup Service to allow the vSphere Web Client to discover the system."

That is my problem, I cannot discover the vCenter 5.1a.

Any ideas?

Thank You
Hi Again

Just an update how to add this

    Log in to vSphere web client as admin (admin@System-Domain, this is the default user added during install of vcenter)
    Go to Administration -> SSO Users and Groups
    Go to Groups tab and click on __Administrators__
    Click on the little man icon to Add Princilpals
    Select the local vcenter server as the identity source and search for a local user you can log in as.
    Then add that user and click OK.
    Log in as the local user.
    You should see the vCenter listed after you log in.

Needs to be a local account. I was using domain accounts, after I create an local admin account and add to the SSO __Administrators__ I see the vCenter

Hope this can help others

I don't think you need to register the vCenter 5.1 (

If you have any vCenter 5.0 (not 5.1) instances that you want the Web Client to manage, they require manual registration with the web client. The vCenter 5.1 instance you just installed will automatically be discovered and requires NO further configuration.

Yes should be automatic discovered. But seems that lot of people have the same issue with vCenter not been discover. So to add the vCenter we need to do that tasks that I have added above.

Thank You