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Windows 7 boots into blinking cursor

so i was on my Windows 7 Pc then suddenly it restarted. It just booted into a blinking cursor and black screen, and just keeps blinking.
I was able to boot into my old, secondary hard drive (my maxtor), Windows XP, and i noticed that somehow my Windows 7 drive (hitachi) became D and my old maxtor drive became C.
When i enter the bios, under Main I see:
SATA 1  - Maxtor
SATA 2 - Not detected
SATA 3 - HP DVD writer

under boot, i see the following:
1st boot device: IDE - Hitachi
2nd boot device: CD-rom
3rd boot device: Rem. dev.

under hard disks:
IDE: Hitachi HDS
SATA: PM-Maxtor

When i boot into old Windows XP, I can see the Windows 7 drive, and it says it is healthy, and i can see all my files, except the drive letter was changed from C to D.

What can i do to get back to boot from Windows 7?

Thank you!
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At this point, if you can do it (if Windows 7 is on the C drive and if you have the DVD) is boot from Windows 7 DVD and do a Repair System (not start all over).

Before you do this, you should back up any data in case the Repair cannot function and you have to re-install Windows.  ... Thinkpads_User
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tried to boot from Cd, but it wont do it, i get the same blinking cursor. I also tried to start windows 7 dvd from windows xp operating system, but it says it cannot be started from this operating system.
Have you tried repairing your WIndows 7 OS? Maybe it crashes and failed to open components needed to boot up. I have encountered this a couple of times and I just repaired  the OS. This was sometimes caused after being infected by viruses.

There are some cases also if you have installed a software that your OS cannot support and crashed down. Have you installed a program just recently?

Just a thought. Thanks!
Turn the machine off (powered right off). Press the power button and right away press F12 (a few times) until it says it will offer a boot sequence. Then set the boot sequence to start from the CD/DVD. It should boot then. If not, something else is wrong as well.

... Thinkpads_User
Did not install a program, and did try to boot from CD after changing the boot sequence to boot from CD, still just blinking.
At this point, I think you need to back up your data (using XP) and re-install Windows. Something has screwed up if you cannot even start with your CD. If you really need XP, and want a more reliable system, install Windows 7 Pro and use XP mode (which is free).  

... Thinkpads_User
but how can i reinstall Windows when i cannot boot from CD (dvd) and i cannot start the Windows 7 dvd from Windows Xp
Do you have your Windows 7 installer on DVD Drive while booting up? It should boot on your Windows 7 installation as long as it you have prioritized it on boot sequence. If it boots up on the installer, check below. There's "Repair your computer" option.

If possible, you can also check this link.. 

There is a step-by-step. Hope this helps.

Once you have your data secured, see if you can remove all the drives except for one SATA drive. Remove your CD Rom and leave the DVD writer.  So that is, remove all but one drive and one CD unit. See if you can boot this way.

... Thinkpads_User
Do you have another copy of your Widows 7? Maybe the installer is broken if it doesn't run even on the XP environment.
i have the dvd, and i boot from dvd, but i get the same blinking line. it will NOT boot from DVD. I hear the DVD spinning, but it just gives me the blinking line.
You mean with only one hard drive (the others removed), it still will not boot from DVD? Maybe you have had a significant hardware problem (motherboard issue, controller issue).

... Thinkpads_User
When I said Motherboard problem, the only computing part needed to boot a computer from CD/DVD is the BIOS chip.

As a test, remove ALL hard drives (temporarily of course), remove the other CD drive, and leave JUST the DVD. Will it boot? If no, then you definitely have a hardware issue of some sort.

... Thinkpads_User
Thinkpads_User is right. Or try another installer media if in case your Windows 7 DVD is damaged. Do you have Windows XP installer? Try to boot from it. If it does then you have to find another Windows 7 installer.

it will not boot from dvd. i can only boot into the old hard drive, and windows xp, and then i can see the newer hard drive with all the files on it, and then the cd/dvd drives works perfect too.
when i remove all hard drives and just leave the cd/dvd drive ( i only have one of those) i get the message "no hard disk found" and will not boot from cd/dvd
i do not have windowx xp disk, only windows 7
Something has gone wrong with the BIOS. Without the ability to boot, I don't even know if you can fix that. The primary boot sequence is in the BIOS, but it seems it won't let you past the hard drive issue.

.... Thinkpads_User
I can change the boot sequence in the bios, but it will not boot from anything else, just theold hard drive.
Do you have another DVD media to try your Windows 7 installer if it is good? Actually, I have encountered problems like these and tried disassembling everything just to found out that the only problem I have is that my DVD installer is damaged that's why it doesn't boot up.

Just a thought. _micky369_
So then something is wrong with the BIOS.

Is something miswired?  I did not pose this because you said the issue started suddenly.

... Thinkpads_User
micky raises a good point, and you can always download a Knoppix or like bootable CD and try to boot from that. ... Thinkpads_User
ok i found an old vista cd and it booted from that fine
So you have bad media. Your primary problem has nothing to do with that, so you need to get a replacement Windows 7 DVD, and then proceed with backing up data and re-installing Windows. Confusing because my Microsoft media has always worked.

... Thinkpads_User
both disks are: disk 0  id 0  bus 0
i am thinking something wrong with the bios
There is something strange with your BIOS setup and something strange about the media that will boot. ... Thinkpads_User
yes something is definitely strange - how can i reset that? the motherboard is asus p6x58d
I can flash the BIOS on my Lenovo machines with a CD that is bootable and contains the BIOS upgrade program. That alway works, however, I have always only upgraded and never reinstalled or downgraded the BIOS. So you need to be careful on this front.

If this is a desktop (it must be with so many drives) and happens to have a diskette drive, you might be able to get a BIOS program on diskette. I used to do that but no more.

.... Thinkpads_User
You can reset the BIOS to default if you think there's something wrong with it. You can do this in 2 ways:

1) take out the CMOS battery, or,
2) Check a button at the back of your CPU. There's a small button that you can push using paperclip or so. Push for 10-15 seconds to reset the BIOS.

tried both - pushed the button and took out of the battery. it must have resest because i had to reset date and time, but i still have the same problem.
Then if possible, find a new DVD installer for Windows 7 so that you can repair or re-install your OS. I think there's nothing wrong with your BIOS. There's a downloadable Windows 7 iso, burn that to DVD so that you can boot that and try repairing your OS.

We know the media is bad and we know the system needs Windows Repair, possibly re-install. But I don't know why two hard drive have the same physical address if the BIOS is good. So to ask another way:  Why did "suddenly per above" the drive addressing screw up? What other cause. ... Thinkpads_User
Also why does my bios see my sata Hitachi drive as ide
I'm sorry if I'm lost, when did you mention your Hitachi is SATA and not IDE? I thought all the while that Hitachi is IDE and Maxtor is SATA. In SATA 2 there's 'not detected' may mean 'no device attached'.

'Suddenly' above may mean that your PC is infected or maybe another hardware problem is occurring. Maybe you are right BIOS is having a problem or a controller maybe. Or there's a bad sector with your hard disk.

If so, then try replacing SATA cable or exchange both hard disk. This may help you in isolating your problem.

Just a thought. _mickay369_
If you can boot in windows xp then

    1) Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
    Click Start, click Run, type sysdm.cpl, and then click OK.
    2)  On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Startup and Recovery.
    3)  Under System Startup, click Edit.

Save the file on the desktop and upload it here for analysis.

Making changes in boot.ini will resolve your issue.


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i would start by disconnecting all drives, other than the W7 and DVD drive
then you can start to test  -or repair
personally, i always start by testing ram and disk from UBCD :                              ultimate boot cd                        direct link UBCD

that way i'm sure the basics are ok..
Well i was able to get Windows 7 come up, i plugged the hard drive into a different SATA slot on the motherboard and it came up. However, it work fine for a while, then i get the blue screen: Page fault in non-page area. 0x00000050.
I did memory test and it came back fine, i did scan disk and did not find any errors.
Is it my hard drive?
Also, did the windows 7 recovery disk but it could not find any problems.
If you did a disk scan and Windows started using a different drive slot, it doesn't appear to be the hard drive.

So let's put some facts together as you have explained them to us:

1. so i was on my Windows 7 Pc then suddenly it restarted.
2. it will NOT boot from DVD (but later it would boot in different circumstances)
3. Page fault in non-page area. 0x00000050. Could be memory, or could be OS corruption.
4. both disks are: disk 0  id 0  bus 0
5. i was able to get Windows 7 come up, i plugged the hard drive into a different SATA slot

Something went wrong with your system, and while your Windows install seems to have gone bad, it also seems reasonable that your motherboard is having issues. We mentioned that before. The fact that the computer will boot means the BIOS is functional, but it appears to need resetting.

.... Thinkpads_User
But when i boot into my old XP hard drive, everything is fine, and no more errors. When i am on the new hard drive, i can browse the internet, but when i open a file or program, i immediately get the blue screen.
when i boot into my old XP hard drive, everything is fine, and no more errors

Fine, but that does not explain the drive addressing problems and the fact that SATA hard drives are apparently seen as IDE.

It may be that your computer (which ran XP) will not run Windows 7 properly.

Finally, you got Windows 7 to start finally, but that installation seems to have gone bad, so you probably need to re-install Windows 7.

At this point, based on your own statements, I would not use the computer in question for anything but testing until you find a resolution for the hardware errors you seem to have.

.... Thinkpads_User
If you were able to up your Windows 7 hard drive and get a blue screen it means something wrong with your hard drive. But can you clarify things up? Before we jump to conclusions here.  Have you reinstalled Windows 7 on the hard drive before you get the blue screen or still the same? Apparently, if you have not reinstalled yet and blue sceen occurred then maybe the Os only is the problem. Try to reinstall the Windows 7. If possible reformat all the drives. But if you have done so then the blue screen happened then something is wrong with your hard drive. It somewhat explains why your hard drive detected as IDE.

And also, have you tried using the XP hard drive on the SATA first used by Windows 7 hard drive? did it boot? This will help you do your isolation.

it looks like an OS problem on the W7 drive, or a bad drive
plse post the minidump for mor info; find it in windows\minidumps
you can copy it when booted from XP
i could not open the dump file but i attached, hope someone can open it
i have not reinstalled windows 7 yet, i tried to do a repair but it said it could not find problems with it.
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Dmp points to BHDrvx64 driver.. Seems like you have norton installed...Uninstall norton using removal tool and install the latest version.

i uninstalled norton and again got the blue screen. Unfortunately i dont have a spare hard drive that i can format, but it seems like i will have to go and buy one and do a fresh install of win 7.
Dmp point to a driver file but cannot capture it in above dmp files...better backup your data and go for a fresh install.

I hope you ran the norton removal tool twice...and then restarted the machine.

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mickay, FYI that first cd is illegal..
Thanks for the info, nobus. Now I know. :-)
Can you give me a link where i can download one of these hard drive diagnostic tools? I did google it, but was unable to find. Thanks
try to follow this link..i've done this before. Hope this still works. Much better if you could download WinPE through Microsoft. Register as OEM partner then you can download it freely. Thanks!
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