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Sonicwall VPN


I am wondering if anyone can assist me in creating a VPN connection in a Sonicwall TZ200 firewall that will allow a Global Client user access to the X2 Lan network.

The Sonicwall is configured as a WAN / LAN / LAN2 environment with no issues on it locally.

The WAN is an ADSL connection
LAN1 is the standard internal PC network (with DHCP provided by a SBS) 192.168.0.x
LAN2 is the X2 network (DHCP provided by the sonicwall) 192.168.5.x
The LAN2 network is in place to connect various manufacturing plant equipment and i need to implement a VPN that allows the vendor of this equipment to connect and manage the various devices here.

I have created a VPN connection bound to the X2 network, but get no joy in remote connection.
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I think you need another port on your firewall to assign the VPN. How many ports are on the TZ200.

Your firewall is the dhcp server for your second network subnet?
Is this the SSLVPN or ipsec?

Have you added the X2 lan to the networks available via the VPN?
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You shouldn't need to assign another port on your firewall for the vpn. Just make sure to check your access rules and make sure VPN > (Zone Needed) is allowed. Also make sure your user has an account in the local users section if you're not using any other kind of authentication.
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Thanks for responses.

To carlmd - in the default Group VPN, there is not option to select which LAN interface it binds to.  When i connect, it allows access to the primary network, and the gateway IP of the second network.  I seem to be struggling in setting up a working additional VPN that is bound to X2.  If i disable the Primary Group VPN, then i get no connection at all.

To Mr_Tequila - I did check my access rules, and ensure that VPN to X0 and VPN to X2 rules existed. It didnt seem to help.  I have created local user account with permission to see the X2 network and not the X0 lan, but it doesnt seem to help there either :(
Is this SSLVPN (browser) or ipssec (requires client)?

Not able to access Sonicwall until tomorrow. I can then give you details as to where to set what LAN's can be accessed via VPN.
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The SSLVPN ended up being the way i had to go to bind to the secondary network.

It is all up and going.