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cfgrid cell change to call JS

I'm looking for a way to call a javascript function when a single cell in a cfgrid is changed.
I have this functioning grid:

<cfform name="budgetForm" id="budgetForm">
                    <cfgrid format="html" height="265" width="870"
                    stripeRows="true" stripeRowColor="##f0f0f0"
                    selectmode="edit" delete="yes" deleteButton="Delete this item"pageSize="10"
                    bind="cfc:edit_budget.getBudgetItems({cfgridpage},{cfgridpagesize},{cfgridsortcolumn},{cfgridsortdirection})" name="budgetgrid" bindonload="true"
                            <cfgridcolumn name = "bid" display ="false"  width ="5">
                            <cfgridcolumn name = "item_desc" header ="Item Description"  width ="190">
                            <cfgridcolumn name = "purpose" header ="Purpose" width ="170">
                            <cfgridcolumn name = "quantity" header ="Qty." width ="60">
                            <cfgridcolumn name = "price_per_unit" header ="Price per unit" width ="100">
                            <cfgridcolumn name = "shipping" header ="Shipping" width ="80">

So if the user makes change to either "quantity", "price_per_unit", or "shipping" cells,
 a js function will be called.

The js function should call a cfc that will calculate quantity x price_per_unit + shipping for all rows and then display the total in a div.

I think I can figure out the js and cfc, but I can't get the part where clicking on a single cell runs a script.

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Version Used is Coldfusion 9
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OK. Thanks for the help. The article is gonna get me where I want to go.