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realtime email bounce check


I have a website. For last few days may of users registering with dummy emails.

So I decided to do email bounce check using sendmail on centos before registering using ajax.

But it will work only if we send email to the provided email address. After sending email I can read maillog.

Here I don't want to send email to actual users email address. Because he is not yet registered on the site.

In this website these people are doing the same thing, but they are not sending any email to the user.

Please guide me to solve the issue.

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Dmitriy Ilyin
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mail validation class for PHP will be usefull.
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Thanks for your reply.

But I am not looking for this. Eamil validation we can do using many ways. Say if user enters this is valid email. But what happens when we send an email to this address.

If there is no such user in it will reply like this

----The following address had permanent fatal errors----
 (reason:550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exit. Please try)

If we send a mail to this address then only we will able to check whether this address exist or not.

Here the problem is we can not send an email to user till he registers with us. After registration we can check.

Here these people are doing without sending any physical message to users email address they are able to checking.

I am looking for this technique. Using this we can prevent user not to enter random email addresses.
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Dmitriy Ilyin
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