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Changes to SBS 2011 Network IP Address/es

Hi experts

A client of mine has an SBS2011 Standard server with around 10 clients PC's & peripherals. They have now been 'purchased' by a larger company who want to implement some changes to the WAN configuration, implement a new router etc.

The current network address range is 192.168.1.x.

I've been asked to change the network structure internally to a range of 10.129.138.x. where the SBS server will require an IP address within this scheme.

Just want to clarify the steps i'd take to accomplish this?
Do i change the IP on SBS server, run the connect to internet wizard and/or fix my network wizard, update DNS and dhcp scope? Anything else i may need to do or be aware of?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Rob

Thanks for that.

Do I only need to run the 'fix my network' wizard if i encounter any problems after making the changes?

Yes that should do it. If you have issues, which you shouldn't, you can run the fix my network wizard.

Just a heads up for down the road, I have encountered it once, and others on occasion have reported the same, when using non-standard IP's on SBS 2011 in rare occasions, the fix my network wizard will reset the IP of the NIC to something like  It's very rare and seems to be when it can't confirm the router subnet, but not sure.  It just through me after a  quick run of the wizard 6 months after set up and suddenly lost all network connectivity.
Something I should mention, SBS only supports a subnet mask of  as per:

You can change that but the wizards will keep changing it back.
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Ok, thanks for the heads up, I'll keep that in mind. I've got this change scheduled for 13/14 November (next week) so i'll let you know how i get on.

Thanks again.
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Whoops. I've been asked to implement a LAN address of /25 with a mask of

Will this not work in SBS2011?
I think you will find it will switch it to when the wizard runs.  After it completes you can change manually it on the NIC, but know that every time the wizard is run it will likely change it back.  Using in the DHCP scope is OK.

You can use the link I posted above to advise the new parent company of SBS networking requirements, if it is any help with politics  :-)

I thought I should bring that up based on the subnet choice.  Some companies have a very specific scheme they like to use for satellite offices which might include a non 'standard' subnet mask.  (before some one else comments, is also not a stanadard subnet mask for a class A subnet, but it is the SBS requirement)
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Thanks. I will certainly pass on the link & see what they say.
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Hi Rob

I've made the changes and everything seems to be working fine.

One thing i noticed was that i didn't have an option to change the mask in the dhcp scope to .128. It defaulted to and was 'greyed out'.

I've changed it back on the server NIC and it doesn't appear to be causing any issues internally.

Thanks for the help & advice. Have a great day!
As mentioned SBS only supports a subnet mask and any time you run the wizards it will change that back.  DHCP is also only supported as but when I tried using it worked and retained that mask.  However you have to create a new scope, you cannot edit an existing, and the scope description displays  The actual setting stays the same as described.

You mentioned you could not edit DHCP but you did change the server.  The subnet masks need to be the same for all clients.  Routing is determined by the network ID which is determined by the IP and subnet mask.
For example has a network ID of
where as has a network ID of

You could run into problems with your current configuration.  It should work if all clients are < , but when you use higher IP's you are working with 2 network ID's.
I strongly recommend going with the defaults for SBS of /24.  SBS is not server standard. People constantly ignore or do not accept that and try to accomplish workarounds, and it eventual always comes back to haunt you.
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Thanks. I passed that info on to the new owners but they insisted on the mask being .128.
There are 6 pc's in this network so i have set static ip's on all of them with the .128 mask.
I agree with your comments however my hands are tied in this case.
If static, with the /25 subnet mask,  you should be OK....until you run a wizard.  That is what I meant by "eventually it always comes back to haunt you."  A year from no someone runs an SBS network related wizard, suddenly it breaks all networking and it takes hours before someone realizes it changed the subnet mask.  I do understand your predicament.  I just thought I would point out the concerns.
If static addressing it is good to add the domain suffix in the advanced DNS settings of TCP/IP on the client machines.
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Good point. Will do that as well.
Thanks again for your time. Appreciate it.