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phpmailer sending .css

can phpmailer send a .css file
so I dont have to hardcode the css
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Having to dig through the cobwebs here..

What about using:
<xmp>css code</xmp>

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It may be difficult for each email client how they take to display the .css file.

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@DaveBaldwin very true.

I used to inline css in the email templates  but some email client deny that too.
Yes, HTML email even now is still kind of a mess.
What do you mean by hardcode

* Inline (as part of the element)
* Part of the HTML file

I don't think you are going to get away with an external CSS. I just put the css inside <style> tags in  the <head> section of the HTML email.
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>>What do you mean by hardcode

for every td, do I have to write
<td width="15px" color="red" bgcolor="brown">

I want to use css class or css id

<td class='redbrown'>
To be viewable in all email clients, you probably have to hardcode your styling.  Some email clients like Gmail will totally ignore a <style> section in an HTML email.
Don't try

I want to use css class or css id

<td class='redbrown'>

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Instead , you do inline css styling like placing the styles on the corresponding tags.
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best described
and tells me why I have to follow the rules