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Windows 8 - Shortcut back to Start Screen


I have Windows 8 Pro with Media Centre. When you add in  Media Centre it appears on the start screen and then when you select it (I use a Windows Media Centre remote control) it switches to desktop and then opens Windows Media Centre - all good so far.

However when I close Media Centre I return to the desktop.

Hoe can I return to the start screen, not desktop with a remote? I cant seem to find a way to do it.

With the remote I can select icons and shortcuts on the desktop - would there be a way to create a shortcut icon on the desktop which when clicked would return me to the start screen?

Any help would be great ! Thank you.
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Perfect thank you - I will try it also and let you know how I get on!
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Just to let you know this does work perfectly when you click on it from the desktop  - thank you for sharing the link it is really useful.

It is a pity this is not possible in any other way. The whole Windows 8 experience with a remote control seems really poor - I thought it would get better especially with the new start menu style - it looks like it should work realy well with the remote but application and general naviation is very poor!

Thanks again.