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cannot load profile because it is currently in use

a user can log on for the first time on a pc in a morning, log off and cannot log back on because it says the profile is currently in use. the user then has to restart the pc for the profile folder to become available. it seems to not be releasing the profile on logout. we are using redirected profiles
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winterhillschool--Perhaps of help
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hi, i forgot to add we are in a domain environment with roaming profiles. it's like the pc doesn't log off properly and release the profile. we can work arround the problem by getting the users to restart after they log on but ideally i need to try and find out what the problem is.
we have done a clean build of xp to test it and it still does the same thing so it must be an issue with profiles in someway
Have you tried renaming the profile on the server where the profile is stored?
Just rename it to profilename_old
When the user logs on, a new profile will be created, you can now copy stuff out of the _old profile to the new one but first test out if you have the same problem with the new profile.
The problem is that it will not overwrite the index.dat files in the cookies, IETldCache, local settings on the local machine as it says they are in use.
And if you first shut down the pc of the user, than rename profile on the server
You are saying that if the user reboots, he can again log on, so after reboot the profile is released, should work if you shut down the pc, rename profile on the server an boot the pc again and log on
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We solved this problem with installing the User Profile Hive Cleanup service on all XP Workstations:
User Profile Hive Cleanup is already on all our machines but no joy
In documents&settings do you see default user?
If not recreate it and try again.
Yes, we have a default user profile.
Can you create a new profile and see if the issue still happens.

If the issue is resolved  after creating new profile then the user's profile has become corrupt.
Renaming the profile doesn't work and involves restarting the machine which fixes the problem but we need a solution without restarting.

Happens when the user logs on fine the first time, then logs off and logs on again to the same machine. I think its to do with index.dat files in the cookies, IETldCache, local settings on the local machine as it says they are in use and cannot be deleted or renamed until the machine has restarted.
Do you use steadystate?
You have tried this?

Can you log onto the computer with admin privilege and run system restore.
Click start then accessories/system tools/system restore
Try again and post back.
This used to be a problem in IE6 without SP; (see this KB article);EN-US;817171

But i cannot believe that is the case with your setup; You should have at least IE7 and SP3;
Also see this thread wich discusses this (the solution is it should be solved with a IE6 Servicepack...)
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Good find glad its working for you.
Because I wrote it and it works.