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Twitter Bootstrap

Hi, I have two questions which i hope someone can help me with:

01 - Which of my understandings is correct?

A - Twitter Bootstrap is a mainly framework for providing common defined components for a website, such as layouts, forms, buttons etc

B - Twitter Bootstrap is a mainly framework for creating responsive websites

I understand both are probably correct but what was the first main intention of the Twitter Bootstrap

02 - Are there template psd's available or should you just design your sites with the already predefined layouts that come with bootstrap and then just focus on designing the elements that site inside each div on your site. In other words you design as you code and then apply your custom design. I presume the idea is that all of your layouts are already designed with Twitter Bootstrap, so why would you need a psd to begin with.

Sorry, finding it hard to get my head around all of this framework as i am so used to designing in Photoshop, then coding the design to html / css.

Thanks in advance to any help you may have...
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Kyle Hamilton
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frameworks are for people who don't know what they are doing and end up with a lot of unnecessary bloat.

stick with photoshop and custom code.

read the source code of frameworks to find any neat tricks you dont know yet
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I wouldn't necessarily agree with that...

Frameworks allow people to develop faster. I think Bootstrap has set out some very good common styles which will speed up the development cycle.
Any framework that is trying to accomodate many needs and possibilities will have redundant code. Period.
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Eddie Shipman
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Cool, thanks for your help Eddie...