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Moving pictures on my website


I am a beginner web developer and currently running my website using Joomla 2.5.7 and all is working well - however in 1 of my articles,i want to be able to move my image to be symmetrical and balanced to my wording and not on the same line with it. How does one do that?

Thank you
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Make a Google search for "Learn CSS" and dig into the resources that come up.  Style sheets are the key to page layout.  Only you can define what is acceptable in terms of symmetrical and balanced, and so you need to get some foundation in CSS.  Then with a little bit of experimentation you will be able to choose styling that renders the page the way you want it to look.
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You think it is a coding issue?
Kind of hard to tell without seeing the site and the coding.  I am just suggesting that positioning of anything in the browser viewport is properly done with CSS, and so you would need to have some knowledge of CSS and some ready reference materials when you get ready to try to change the layout.
Site is

As you can see i have a list of clients there - what i want to do is to have the clients name with their company logo next to it as i have done on the 1st two companies. The way it needs to align is that the image must be next to the words as it stands but balanced in the middle like cutting through it in half,not on top or same line.

How do i do that?
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Very True - TinyMCE  Editor it is. So as an inexperienced programmer like me - what do i do?
Is there any way you can edit the page directly - without using TinyMCE?  If not, you may have a research project on your hands.  I wish there was a single good answer, but there may not be.
greetings  shaunwingin, , Not sure if I can give any suggestions that could help,  But in Joomla , you generally use the Joomla HTML editor (tinyMCE) to do the page content, your clients are in an Unordered List (HTML tag <ul> ), which may or may not be in your problem? I do not see a specific reason to use a List for your client display, but it may not give you the problem you discribe.
My suggestion, in tinyMCE , you can place HTML Tables, that is what you may try to Keep certain things (text blocks, images, inputs) next-to each other, with a definite "Position", related to other things in that Table, see this for some info about "Tables" -

Tables are a rectangular series of "separate Blocks", where you place something in a Block, and it stays in that position, relative to the other things in other Blocks. Many times you can use the properties of tables to have things in Blocks be "Centered", Right or Left aligned, and you can Center the entire table, with the Alignment button, in the toolbar of TinyMCE.
There's many HTML formatting options in Joomla HTML editor, tinyMCE,  but like I said, I'm not sure if you use that formatting or this is all in the Joomla "Theme" setup, not in your control.
I cannot understand the link properly - is there another link that i can follow perhaps??
OK, I do not know what to say, when you have this - "I cannot understand the link properly"
I am not sure about what you need for information to help you, if you know very little about web page set-up and the HTML factors for changing it's look and position, I can not offer any help. You ask for another "link" to follow, but that does not tell me what you need to be shown the way to.