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How can I trigger the Fire Fox from a form and pass a value to a determine field?

Hello guys

I want to call the fire fox from my form and pass a value to a input, is it possible?

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Yes, but witch kind of value you want to pass ... and url ?
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Why must be firefox? You can use delphis interfaced component TWebBrowser to do this easely.
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Hello Guys


any value, can be a simple text.


The site I developed has had many problem with IE and I want to give up using it.

This site is only for my company and It will be trigger by a application where is going to

pass a key to site that Inform the magine that is calling it. This key that is passed

is a number serial ofthe computer that  must be register in the company.

This site can't be access by any computer that hasn't been registered in company.

I can do that with IE but I didn't find a way to do with Fire Fox.

Did you get it?
You can use Mozilla ActiveX Project to embed Modzilla Browser engine into your Delphi apllication...
Mozilla ActiveX Project
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Especially this site will show you how to implement Modzilla ActiveX Control...
Taming the Lizard with Delphi
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