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Smartphones mail does not work with new ip address

How do you make smartphones and Outlook web access work after an exchange server was physically moved from one site to another where the internet is provided by a new ISP?

The external DNS records had MX records for both sites and the mail is flowing in and out of the server at its new site. Just need to get the smartphones and the Outlook web access to work.

mailserver1          IN A    E1.E1.E1.E1
mailserver3          IN A    E3.E3.E3.E3
@ IN MX   20
@ IN MX   10     (Priority was changed to 10)

The issue is that the smartphones were orginally setup with and the server is now at
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what error do you get

can you try to remove the mail account and readd the email account I had to do that on my iphone 5 due to mail not sending another bug I expect in ios 6.0 not widely reported as it was fine on my 3gs using ios 5
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Error is 'unable to connect server'and I tried it with both newmailserver1 and newmailserver3

Tech support does not want to change the smartphones. They tried this quick fix but it does not work.

mailserver1          IN A    E3.E3.E3.E3 (change the orginal A record to point to new IP)
mailserver3          IN A    E3.E3.E3.E3
@ IN MX   20
@ IN MX   10    

I am trying to get a new copy of the zone file in order to see if tech support changed the priority for the A record newmailserver1 to make it the first choice.

I am also trying to get a copy of the firewall config for the new site.
on the smartphone can you open
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