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how to fix bullets padding in un-ordered list on this page

I am having issues with the bullets in li elements on this page
in IE 6 and IE 7. If you look the cells in Level 7 or Level 8 the bullet for first li is not coming or padded down and/or the last bullet is not coming. I m using IE Tester to test. This is fine in  chrome or firefox Any ideas how can we fix this?
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I am wondering why you dont test in ie9 as windows updates does ie

i have had a look i ie9 and cannot see the error
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okay. If you test it in IE 9 compatibility view you may see the issue i m facing.
Why are you concerned with IE6 and 7?

IE6 represents 0.4 % of users and IE7 1.3%. If something is slightly off in those browsers, it is not worth wasting your time trying to fix it.
unfortunately in our department there are still good number of users using IE 6 & 7 and I need to get that fixed.
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First, what kozaiwaniec said.

I noticed that float is used on an li or two. It doesn't look like that kind of party, and we are talking about ie6 and 7 here. Try removing the float on the li and see what you come up with.
thanks for the great tip kozaiwaniec. I manage to first find the css as you sugguested and then set the bullet image using background property in css.