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Backup Exec

I am running backup exec 2010 R2 and one of my virtual servers is taking over 6 hours for the system state to run which is causing my backup to run way to long. I need assistance on how to get this to run correctly.
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where is it taking the extra time?

is this a new rotation? or was this server on the rotation all the time?

review your logs and note where the time is taking.

i suggest you attempt reinstalling the agent...
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This server has been in the rotation since it was installed, I reviewed the logs and it is taking all the time on the System ? State. I do not know that I can reinstall since someone else did it and I have no idea what username and password they used for it.
oh...well i think that Domain Admin would work.

is it lagging on a particular file? or is it system wide?

did it work fine before?  what happened (installed, changes, updates) just before this started happening?
It is only lagging while backing up the system state portion. It has worked and then just started taking between 6 and 8 hours. There have not been any changes to the server and I see no updates to the server either.
stupid quest...have you tried restarting the server?
I have not restarted the server but I will do that tonight and see if it fixes the issue.
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