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Transferring 10gb + databases to another database on the same server, whats the best way


 I need to transfer some exisiting databases to a new database on the same server. The databases are going to be typically 10gb and over and mainly contain BLOB file images. I can do a straight copy but it has a severe impact on the server, I realise there is no quick way to do this but am looking  for the most minimal impact on the bcp the tool here?


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transfer a database to a database has little meaning
are you trying to transfer a table from one database to another ?

if so, i'm not sure you can do much better than
select * from source into db.dest
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Yes sorry - transferring one table into another table in a different database
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Yeah thanks mate - was just hoping there was some super fast utility floating around out there! ;)

there may be but if there is, i'm not aware of it, sorry

the speed transfer should be relatively constant or a large scale (several Go), so you can schedule it easily and possibly copy in chunks during non-busy hours
Chunks was the plan I think - did a small test and it looks like it was going to take about 3 days constant!
ok, i guess you know what you are doing.
feel free to post if you need help somewhere in the process