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how to manage multiple record in huge records in tables

i have a table in database contain many records the columns in this table is :

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where each time i have new entry records and i have many services each services has a
specific shortcode
so what is the good solution ??

to distribute records on specific table for each records?
or i can use same structures ! and use indexing ??
i want a good structure for implementation and for performance..
because i want to make reporting and like this and if i have many records the selection of a query take many time for what is the good structure??
or if we can help me or advice to me any idea ?
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index the date and shortcode columns, because you are likely to do searches based on those criteria. don't you have a subject for each message ?
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maybe i split the content of each message because , if sms ( message ) send from msisdn is
sub 1  mean subscribe to channel 1 and if he send like hello how are it mean this another services not subscriptions

so i have many shortcode and each shortcode have 2 or 3 or 4 services
and every few second i will get new records?

so what is the best solution to make new tables for each shortcode or i use only the first table ..

i am new in indexing? if we can provide to me a brief solution :)
and thank you
your explanations are very unclear, but from what i gather, you do not need several tables. you will only end up with something more complicated, and likely slower.

if you will have to receive a lot of data that you erase periodically, you may want to use horizontal partitioning by hour or day for example so you can delete chunks efficiently

what volume are you expecting. how many inserts, delete, kept records, size of messages...
horizontal partitioning  ??
please can you give some cleared example of  partitioning and how to use it because i have read some topics and the solution is

"Start out with one large table, and then apply 2008's table partitioning capabilities where appropriate, if performance becomes an issue."

if u can give me a short example because i never know this feature :)
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i will post new question about horizontal partitioning  please try to answer to it and thank you :)