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cannot connect to printer access denied

i have win7 and i try to connect to printer in share on other computer user when i try to connect i get error "cannot connect to printer access denied"now other user can connect it what can be the resolve??
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Ok if you can access the pc in which the printer is  shared , I would like you to go to that printers properties and click on security and make sure everyone has right to print.

Some time in a AD domain environment a group or Authenticated users are given access to print. other wise if normally shared then everyone should have the right to print.

Please let us know.

control panel > printers > right click on the printer you are talking about > printers properties.

Hope that Helps.
Click the Start button, go to Control Panel, click Network and Internet, and then go to Network and Sharing Center.

Under printer sharing make sure it is turned on and no password protection is set.

If that doesn't do the trick you may need to define or reset sharing permissions by right clicking on the printer in your printer list on the PC hosting the shared printer.
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but other user with win7 can connect o the printer and add it without problem so the problem is not on user that share the printer
All the other PC's are either on the same domain or same workgroup perhaps?  Or PC needs to be rejoined to domain?

First double check to make sure the user account password hasn't expired on the affected PC as well and authentication works fine on network and everything else.
all the other user in the same domain, now when i try to add the printer on the computer problem i get massege download and install the driver and when i do it he start install the driver and stuck with error cannot access to printer
Check time clock and make sure its not off for more than 5 min. if your clock is same as your domain clock then log off and then try to log in . This will let you know if your password is expired or not. if all is well then make sure you are on the same domain or work group.

If you are in the same domain and still can;t access the printer but can access the the rest of the network resources then check on the printer security.
Also be sure both are 64bit or 32bit drivers and OS.  And Ded9's post above also reminds me of a similar issue so it is worth a try if you haven't already.