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Synology Stuck Expanding

Hey Experts,
So i have a Synology drive running the newest 4.1 software.
It had 2 x 3TB drives configured as a Synlology Hybrid RAID (SHR) with dta protection of 1 disk fault-tolerance.  
I installed a 3rd 3TB drive and told the raid to expand.

The disk was initially not initialized but has since switched to Initialized under status. When looking at the volume status it says Expanding (initializing disk...)

It has been sitting like this for 2 days now.  Nothing has changed.

Any ideas to know if anything is actually happening or is it stuck?
I tried turning on the terminal access but it will not enable.
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Which model is it?  The lower end models are going to take a really really long time to do this for disks that size,  even small disks would take quite some time on these models.

The higher end units are faster but will still take quite a bit of time as well for larger arrays.

I think the documentation or the official Synology wiki actually mentions that it is faster to build a new volume than to expand one with a extra disk with a warning that it is slow.

If you are running other services on the unit shutting them down might help free up more resources for the expansion process.    If you look in the resource monitor you should see it chugging away at a high load.