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Oracle TNS Name ...

Hello Gurus

I am taking over an old network that has an Oracle DB V.8.1.17
I have some problems with the network I hope somebody can help me.
I need to install a Win2008 Domain controller.
Here is the setup as it is now....(very old setup)

-Windows 2000 Server - Oracle Db on it. Application too..
  No Domain controller.

-On each PC that needs to connect to the oracle database has to have its DNS setting to the server IP (which is

This is where my problems start...
If a user has to access the Oracle Db and the Internet ... I have a problem because the server (win2000) has no internet access (to protect it)
The way to this was to use a proxy server.. (they have now something called spoon proxy)..
which is an archaic application...

I need to install a windows 2008 domain controller because they are getting a new ERP but I need also to have the Oracle DB online since it will stay online for sometime now (for archiving issues...etc...)

So my questions is how do I set up windows 2008 Domain controller living next to the Oracle DB ?

Thanks a lot
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Alan Gunn
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Not much response to your query :-)

I believe you can put in the 2008r2 DC and set up a forest and domain without much trouble.
Add the 2000 server to the 2008 domain as a member server.

Did you mean the workstations that access the Oracle Database need a TNS name set to that server's IP?
If so, this should still work as long as the 2000 server stays on the same IP.

What server is the Spoon Proxy running on?

It should still be useable if you set the workstations IE to point to the local address of the proxy in the "Connections" settings.

The best way to do this is with Group policy on the 2008 DC.

All a little vague I'm afraid but it all sounds do-able. :-)

Kind regards.

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Im intending to remove the spoon proxy and replace it by something more industrial strength... Any idea what are my options ?
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Alan Gunn
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Microsoft also have a proxy offering.
Is forefront fairly  "easy" to implement ?