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Remove element from a dropdown in jquery

How do i remove an item programmatically from a drop down list in jquery?

Specifically, I want to remove an item where the value is "N". How would i do so...

This is how they are being added:

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Jon Norman
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$dd.find("option [value=\"N\"]").remove();
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Sorry, I walked away from my computer and then completed my post.  Didn't mean to make it look like I was copying your post!

Just curious, why are you escaping the quotes?  I haven't done that before....

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This syntax posted by soupBoy worked:

Hi Chris,

option[value="N"] is just a string, if you delimit the string with single quotes then you can use 'option[value="N"]', if you delimit the string with double quotes you need to excape the double quotes inside the string "option[value=\"N\"]" -