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Installing eclipse Java, what is best way, with options?

My super awesome new Macbook Pro arrived and I am reinstalling important applications. What is the best link for Eclipse Java, personal project creation? I will be making a serious Java RTS game.
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Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, 220 MB


Mac Os X 64 bit ?

Should I go for EE, or normal, no EE ?
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers, 149 MB
Macbook Os X 64 bit?
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EE is for enterprise edition . But since you are going to work on a Java game , it won't help much . But if you plan to  use Java FX for the graphics, you need the one that supports EE .
Java EE (Enterprise Edition) is used for web application
Java ME (Mobile Edition) is used for smartphone
Java SE (Standard Edition) is used for desktop

Eclipse IDE for Java developer (for Mac) include Java SE, download it (the first).

Libraries RTS development

2D games

3D games

I think I'd like it if my players went to my game's site and launched the game in WebStart.

So, then

Java EE (Enterprise Edition) is used for web application

?   best choice ?

Will it be trivial to gather the classes together and change to a desktop game?
Will that make any difference?

When Java EE is installed, will the JVM get installed automatically, or does it exist by default on computers now?
First of all, you need to know more about Java.


To make a web RTS game is needed:

JavaFX, Flex, Flash or Applet or Others (graphics).
Java EE (Javascript, JSP, Servlet, HTTP protocol)  (interaction)

Application server like JBoss or Tomcat. (cointainer for Java EE)

Database like Oracle or MySQL. (storing data)

You can do anything with Java, but the timing of the operation may be high.

I understand your enthusiasm, but it will take a long time.
Forgive my enthusiasm. :) I have plenty of time. - enough to learn everything for this project.
I have made an rts before in java, just not done web start. I have had tomcat running before.
My main concern is which link to use for the best Eclipse IDE for all these mentioned needs. What is the URL for Mac OS X ?
After the download, I click on the eclipse icon and I get this security message.

Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac Store and identified developers . . .

What must I change to allow the installation?

Will it ask me for a location?
Must I move the

eclipse-jee-juno-SR1-macosx-cocoa-x86_64.tar (in the downloads folder )

file to the application folder and then double click it?

How do I get Eclipse to be an Application in the Application folder? Is that even necessary?

How do I get passed the security message above?

What kind of MacBook do you have?

13 inches?

try 32 bit :

32 bit Eclipse for Mac
I already have the 64 bit download,

but that doesn't mean I'll use it if it's not ideal.

The 64 just means the bit length of my comp's processor, or the bit length of my memory, or is it the bit length of byte code?

Does it matter for development? Why would you recommend 32 ?

My Macbook specs are:

version 10.8
Proceessor 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 8 GB MHz DDR3
Startup disk Macintosh HD

What must I know?

It says 15 inch screen in about this Mac->
Macbook Pro
I also have another problem.

When I click the download open,
it says it can not open because it is an unidentified developer! That's insane. How do I change it so that I can open Eclipse?

Open finder, on the right up corner type (on the lens) eclipse.

After waiting response, if appear a blu symbol of eclipse click him.
Otherwise the installation is not successful, and i don't know why.

Your mac is 64 bit system (entire) 10.8 is mountain lion, and for you is valid the 64 eclipse link.

I've eclipse too on mac but is 32 bit on mac osx 10.6, and eclipse work very fine.
After setup, i've made a shortcut on desktop.
I can click the icon but it says it can't open because it is an unrecognized developer.
I can't even do the installation. This is insane. Read my previous comment
Okay, once I get it to unbundle, if I click on the Eclipse icon, it says that it is from an unrecognized developer or is not from the Appstore, so can't be run!

I don't remember it giving me this nonsense before!

What can I do to make it runnable?
I've found the problem, a 10.8 version OSx use gatekeeper to allow the installation only at identified developer (certified by Apple), or application from AppStore.

Read this article, try the first answer:

Gatekeeper problem