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ms source safe project out of sync


I would like to find out how to update files in source safe.

The copy that is there is out of date, and the one I have in my local machine is the newest version.

Can someone explain the steps on how to do this, or provide any helpful information?

Thank you.
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How do you get to the " don't get a local copy" checkmark?

when I do right click on the solution, and select "check out for edit"

I do not see any check mark. I only see:

Lock Type, and it gives 3 options

unchanged - keep an existing lock

check out - prevent other users from checking out and in

check in - allow other users to check out but prevent them from checking in
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Don't you have SourceSafe installed?

I have a SourceSafe Explorer in my Programs list. The Plug-in is only in Visual Studio...

If you don't have this you could check in Tools -> Options -> Source Control if you have checked "Don't show Check Out dialog box when checking out items".
No i do not have sourcesafe installed. i only have the plug in in VS.
I do not see the option: "Don't show Check Out dialog box when checking out items"
In my VS 2012 it is under Tools -> Options -> Source Control -> Environment.