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Exception message not being logged

I am logging all the exceptions into a table in database ,inside the code I am using a variable to read the entire message from a function ,but only the value is being saved not the entire message can I change the parseuptomaxlength  function below so that entire message is logged??

For example :
If a function has an exception message like below

Throw New Exception(" A valid value must be provided for year built with value. Value is '" + Row.inYEARBUILT.ToString() + "'")

only the 'Row.inYEARBUILT.ToString() ' value is being logged into the Error description and not the entire message in the following variable ...

Row.ComplexTransformErrorDescription = ParseUpToMaxLength("ULDD - " + ex.Message.Replace(Environment.NewLine, " "), 256)

  Function ParseUpToMaxLength(ByVal value As String, ByVal maxLength As Integer) As String
        If value.Length > maxLength Then
            Return value.Substring(0, maxLength)
            Return value
        End If
    End Function
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I'm not seeing anything wrong with your function.  Perhaps the problem lies somewhere else.  Can you post more of the code?
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Aaron Jabamani
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