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Code an Update in Access VBA

I have the task of updating some Null values in some fields in an Access database. The Null Fields need to be updated with the prior row's value for that field.
I am very competent in TSQL and had gone about creating a TSQL script that did just that after I imported the table into SQL Server.
What I learned later is that what my boss is requesting is a routine in Access VBA or VB that does the same thing. He does not want me to do it in TSQL.
I can provide a sample of the Access database and My TSQL script as an example of what I need to to do. But th ebottom line is I don't quite know how to do it in VBA and I need help.

The fields with NULL values that need to be updated with the prior NON NULL row's value are Title, Pay Rate, Annualized.
*Note that in myattached script I had only done Title and while in my script I was doing an insert, this needs to be an update.

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maybe you should tell your boss that it is absolutely counterproductive to achieve something in VBA which was already coded in T-SQL. It should be clear that T-SQL is absolutely faster than any VBA code.
If the table is not available in Access for direct access then it would also be better to translate the T-SQL script into some queries with Access SQL instead of looping through recordsets - that should always be the last choice if all other variants are impossible.
If the server IS available then create a stored procedure or view and access this from Access, if you want, with VBA.

As I always say: Think SQL and not VBA. A database is made to be queries with SQL and not with VBA.


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Christian, I couldn't agree with you more. I don't always have the last say.