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Citrix Disconnection Session Policy

I am trying to set a policy to log off disconnected session after X amount of minutes in Citrix.
Need to set the policy to only affect a group of people logging on.

The only way i have managed to set this so far is to change the ICA client settings on the server to disconnect the sessions connected after X minutes.

But the policy does not do what i have set - This is the policy.

Disconnected Session Timer - Enabled
Disconnected Session Timer Interval - 5 minutes
Session Idle Timer Interval - 5 minutes

Applied to - "Test" user only

the issue is that this policy is not been applied to the user when it's disconnected for 5 minutes +
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You also have to set the policy for Session Idle Timer to Enabled as it is disabled by default.

As for the session not ending, when you look at the session in the management console, is it showing as Disconnected or Active?
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Try to change the values and check. Also you need test separate.

I prefer try to set at least for idle time 60 mins and disconnect session 30 min and apply same through policy. So that whenever user try to reconnect the session he able to connect the session.

Difference between session disconnect & idle is

•      Idle - User is considered idle after a period time. The user will be considered idle if there is no activity (e.g. keyboard strokes or mouse movement) in the configured time period.  The default Terminal Services idle timeout is 1 minute, and the default for the Terminal Services Log is 5 minutes.
•      Disconnected - When a user is disconnected from the session but the session is still running. User could have been disconnect due to network or other failure or did not use proper log out procedure and just closed the Remote Desktop session window with the Close button [x]. This session is still running on the server and consuming resources, the users can reconnect and resume their disconnected session.
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The Policy is already set to Enabled but the sessions still showing as disconnected after the time set.

I have tried to change the timer but it doesn't work.
open a session minimize it and don't do anything with that session, after some time the session automatically move to idle, if you close the session then it will go automatically to disconnected.
But that's what i want to achieve - users are not logging off their sessions properly so want to log off any disconnected sessions.
Are you testing via RDP or by launching an app/desktop?  You may have to set the timeouts directly on the ICA listener if the Citrix policy is not working.  You can find that in Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration.  Once its open, Right click on ICA-TCP, select properties, and go to the Sessions tab.  You can configure the same settings there.
Testing via the publish desktop.

See i have set the ICA listener to log off disconnected session after X minutes and that worked but I need to exclude some users from that setting.

Is there a Windows GPO that could be configured to a group of users?
If you have settings configured on the listener, they will apply to all users connecting via that listener.  My suggestion would be to turn off the settings on the listener (uncheck the override checkboxes) and use Citrix policy to set it.  Unfortunately the GPO settings and listener settings are applied at the machine level so all connections are affected by those settings.
Override check box? On the ICA Listener?
Yeah, uncheck the boxes:

User generated image
This is my policy in Citrix -
And the ICA setting -
User generated image
I don't think you are following me - the settings configured on the listener are going to override whatever you set in Citrix policy, so if you want to control the settings through Citrix policy then you have to turn them off on the ICA Listener.
Sorry this is the policy - User generated image
Not unless i am missing something somewhere i can't see that setting. - I am in the setting and all I have is 2 drop down boxes as shown above - sorry
Ah, please disregard my last statement then.  What is the value of the MaxDisconnectionTime setting in the registry?

key is located here:  HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\ICA-TCP
Set to 0
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