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Synchronization Log Error in Outlook

I have a user that keeps getting emails reporting this error:

9:14:08 Synchronizer Version 14.0.6117
9:14:08 Synchronizing Mailbox 'Luke Skywalker'
9:14:08 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Drafts'
9:14:08 Uploading to server 'EXCHANGE2010.STARWARS.LOCAL'
9:14:08 Synchronization of some deletions failed.
9:14:08 [0-130]
9:14:08 1 item(s) deleted in online folder
9:14:08 Done

They use outlook 2010. I have checked the drafts folder there is nothing in there, also I have checked the drafts folder in OWA there is still nothing. Any ideas?
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So exchange thinks there is an item in the drafts folder?
Also, what if i switched to Office 2007 or set up the user on another computer?
No matter what you do, those logs will be generated as long as the user delets it the way described above.
Is there a way to stop the synchronization logs from generating into the users unread folder?
Yes, right click the unread Mail folder and choose the costumize this search folder. Make sure that there is only the inbox there.