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Exchange 2010 Changing MX Ip addresses

Hello Everyone,

We are moving to a new ISP in the next week, so I need to change the ipaddress of my mx record.  I have the new static ip address for my email server. Should I create the new mx record now and then when we do the cutover I can remove the old mx record?  Also, we are running exchange 2010,..... do I need to make any changes to the CAS?


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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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I dont think any changes to CAS is required as MX is just for email flow.

- Rancy
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Tigermatt is right on, lower the TTL value on your current MX record to the minimum allowed by your DNS host, like to a minute, then once you mve create the new MX, give it a higher priority then you old one, wait couple of minuted, delete the old one.
Actually, I should probably clarify to be clear:

The record you need to lower the TTL on is the A record (or AAAA, so that this comment is appropriate to IPv6 too!). i.e. the record to which the MX record points - often or

Lowering the TTL on the actual MX record (which provides mail exchangers for's domain) is not going to help, because you aren't actually changing the MX record - that is just a pointer to the A record, which will keep the same name.

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Thank you so much!