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print issues

I have a user that is now using windows 7 and now when she tries to print a PDF in word she gets the error Protective View enbale priting and when she selects this she gets a blank page.
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First make sure before you print the PDF that you can see it in print preview. There are some pages that will not allow printing. Usually this has to do with copywrite protection and the like.

1. If you can see it in your print preview. Check your print options to make sure that margins and the like are set correctly.

2. Then check your printer setting to make sure you have the write print drivers (usually you can try to print something else and if that seems to work you're in good shape)

3. Then If you're still having issues I please include more detail, to help further solve it.
Could you please further explain what you mean by:
print a PDF in word
Are you using a PDF printer like CutePDF Printer or BullZip PDF Printer?
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I just sent her the info since she is a remote user. I will hear back from her later this morning. Thanks.
She just responded back and she is fine now. Thanks. This apparently was happening with more than 1 users as she says in her email to her group, so this fixed more than 1 user. Thanks. Excellent.