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collaboration software

I have a "project" started with my family that will envolve sending each other messages, but also possibly sharing and contributing to documents. So I thought maybe emails wouldn't be enough, and maybe there is some kind of collaboration software out there that would be more flexible. So what I am looking for is something that will allow us to send messages and share and contribute to documents.
I assume there is some cloud like things, but I don't like the idea of my families personal documents out there on someone else's server. I would prefer to store documents on my own pc, then have my router port forward my family's traffic to this pc.
Any suggestions on what I could try, assuming something like this exist.
Also, I guess this might be something like Sharepoint, but I definitely don't have the funds for a Sharepoint server, so is there something like Sharepoint, without the Sharepoint cost?
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thank you.
Your very welcome.