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Giving access to different users' mailbox in Exchange 2010


We have recently transitioned from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.  

I used to give the CEO/Office Manager "Full Access" to all users' mailboxes when we used Exchange 2003.  This would allow for these managers to Open |Other Users folder if and when needed.

To achieve the same goal in Exchange 2010, I used "Manage Full Access Permissions" to give this level of access.  However this resulted in Outlook automatically listing all mailboxes, and more importantly, caused the users' OST file to grow extremely large.  This consequently resulted in problems for the managers' smart phones.

Is there any way for me to simply give the required access to the managers without these "side-effects"?  What is the "Microsoft recommended" manner in which to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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This is default with exchange 2010 and outlook 2010 .... cant do anything about it.

- Rancy
The above answer from Rancy is completely incorrect.
The standard behaviour with Exchange 2010 was that full mailbox permissions would also add the account to Outlook. However with Exchange 2010 SP2 this behaviour can be changed.

When adding the mailbox permission you have to do it from the command line:

Add-MailboxPermission –Identity Sales –User domain\iser –AccessRights FullAccess –AutoMapping $false

To change the existing permissions:

$mailbox = Get-Mailbox
$test = $mailbox | Foreach {Add-mailboxPermission $_.Name –User ‘username’ –AccessRight FullAccess –Automapping:$false}

It is not possible at the moment to disable the automapping globally for new mailboxes.

I would say this is a feature but only with Exchange 2010 SP2 not earlier .... so you can check the below article as well

By default, shared mail folders are downloaded in Cached mode in Outlook 2010

- Rancy
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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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