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dell inspiron 530 wont turn off

dell inspiron 530 led front panel lite steady amber psu green lite mobo lite steady amber unit wont turn off or boot up
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Scott C
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If you pull the power cord out and then reconnect do you still see the same behavior?

If so check power supply first.  If that isn't the issue it could be the motherboard.

Also reseat any cards and memory and try again.

If that isn't it disconnect all hard drives, optical drives and any other perphials and try again to rule them out.

I suspect it's the power supply or MB.

The power supply is the easiest to check, just use a spare one if you have one handy or see if you can borrow one from another machine or a friend.

You can also look at the MB for blown or swollen capacitors but, that is extemely rare but it can happen.
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