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Outlook 2003 displays "garbage"

This is very odd.     We do business with a vendor and receive email on a daily basis.
We use Outlook 2003.     One user when she received email from this sender (just started about a week or so ago) it displays the header info and then the body looks like encrypted garbage.    I receive the same email and can view it fine.

Also, If I forward that EXACT same email to her, she can read it fine.   The email body shows like the email header???   and the attachment is what is the worst.   It is a pdf file

The vendor has been added to safe list.    html and plain test settings have been compared to my settings.   They are the same.

Her OS is Windows 7.....   Mine is XP

All other email comes in fine....

Any ideas?

Also, the vendor tells us they send to over 300 clients and we are the only one this is happening to????
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Would it be possible to get a screenshot or paste a copy of the email into this thread?

Also, have you tried turning off the option to read all email in plaintext?

To turn Off the Read all standard mail in plain text option in Outlook 2003, follow these steps: —Start Outlook 2003.—On the Tools menu, click Options .—On the Preferences tab, in the E-mail area, click E-mail Options .—In the Message handling area, uncheck the Read all standard mail in plain text check box.
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Yes, we have already done that last week.   (option to read aal email in plaintext).   It has never been checked.     I am attaching a scan of the first few pages.   After page 4, they all look like what is on the bottom of page 4
are these emails coming from a different country by chance?
i noticed you also mentioned a pdf attachment.  Is the pdf showing garbled as well or does it open normally?  if the attachment is being modified as well it almost sounds like a spam filter or firewall is somehow messing up the message.
Check the user has the latest SP installed for Office 2003

I suspect its an add-in or even AV integration causing the issue

Have her close outlook and re-open using

Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

now have the vendor send the email
Does it still appear the same way

If its okay, we know its an add in issue and we can look in the registry to disable the faulting add ins
No, it is not coming from outside the US.   It is in fact in the same state as us.  We have done business with them for years.    They just recently changed the email address that these letters come from.   Also, there IS a pdf attachment, but the sample shows all the garbage I figured was associated with the pdf.   Her email does not show as attachment.   Mine does

Apache 09

I will look into your suggestions and get back to this post
This makes no sense at all.

I put Outlook in safe mode.    Had vendor send the same email to test.    It came thru perfect.      So, closed Outlook, opened normally, and vendor sent another test (and it is the same email that started all this).   It came thru perfectly fine.
I did NOT do a thing to add on's or any settings.
Very wierd.
Will watch it over next day or two before I feel comfortable with it.
That is very weird. It had to of had something to do with the addons... Odd glad you got it working!
To good to be true.....
Back to "garbage"    I was watching her account this morning.   We both get the same email from our vendor.   Mine came in fine with 4 pdf attachments.
Hers came in, nothing showing attached, instead its all garbage in the body of the email

Looked at add in's and Hers are the same as mine expect in registry.  COM Add-Ins - None
Add In Manager- Exchange Extensions (not installed)

Her add ins in registry are avgoutlook.addin  and search.outlook toolbar.    Both have loadBehavior as a (2)

Mine has the avgoutlook.addin as a (2)
Microsoft.VbaAddinForOutlook   (9)
OutlookChangeNotifier.Connect   (1)
ZM02003.ZMOaddin  (3)

Unless I need to be looking at different places on a Windows 7 machine?????
Mine is XP
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I will work on this and post back what happens.

If I were to guess I'd say it's the AVG add-in.  That would make sense as it would be touching the attachments in order to scan them for viruses.  It may be somehow corrupting them and not re-attaching them to the original email.
Well, that didnt help.   I have disabled all add ins.    None have been re-enabled.   I also saw add in's in the registry at:

and I disabled those as well.

More ideas????    I had hoped that would be the fix.
Try going into add remove programs and removing the email component of the virus scanner.

Also, it started working last time after time started in safe mode. Can you at least get it to work again by using the safe mode method you did last time. Even if it's just temporary that will give us something to work with. We would need to look into more detail as to what outlook safe mode does to outlooks settings.
Ok.....   I disabled the email component of the virus scanner.

I put the user in safe mode and it has made no difference today.   pdf attachment still comes to her embedded as garbage.   Is there ANYTHING about Windows 7 that could be the culprit

It is just her email.   As before I receive the same email messages.   Mine are fine and I am on XP.   This started when we moved her to a new Windows 7 machine
You and the user have the samre version of outlook right?

Outlook 2003?

DO you and the vendor also have the same version of Adobe reader?
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Yes, we are both on Outlook 2003.

Not sure what adobe version they are on.   I could find out.   But yesterday, my user told me that other vendors pdf attachments are garbage as well

I have not analyzed the header.   I could compare hers to mine??????
I am in training for awhile this afternoon so I will get the comparison done tomorrow and post back
comparing the headers may give us some insight as to if the email is being modified in between her and the vendor sending it.  If you dont mind you could post the headers (being sure to remove any IP addresses or information that you don't want posted online) and we could take a look.

Check the version of adobe reader.  Also, I believe sometimes there is an Adobe Reader plugin installed in outlook.  I dont see it mentioned above as being on either of your computers so I dont think that would be the issue.

One more question I just thought about.  Does this user have an iPhone or Smartphone such as an Android that she receives her email on as well?
On theheader comparison....Just to be clear...You want the header from her email that was garbage and the header from my email that was good?

Yes, that is correct.
My user is on Adobe Reader X.    The vendor we are testing with responded with this:
We use the latest version, but what we put out is compatible with Acrobat 5.0 or greater

The user does not use her phone to receive business email.

I have attached the headers for comparison from 2 different vendors.
I've taken a look at the headers.  I cant really see anything out of the ordinary in them.  Have you tried re-installing office on her machine?  That's really the only other thing I can come up with.  You have literally baffled me on this one.  I have checked around with some colleagues of mine as well and nobody has any other ideas.  Is re-installing office an option?
I was actually thinking the same thing last night.   And yes, it is an option.   It may be a couple days for me to get to it, but I will repost when I get it done and report to you what happens.

I really do appreciate all the assistance you have give on this one.
Quick question.   Since this is being done on her workstation, do we have to export the .pst files etc?   Or will they stay when we do the uninstall?

The PST files will stay. It's a good idea to make backups though. You just have to reopen then once you reinstall.
Well, Uninstalled Office and Reinstalled.   Complete new install...    No change, the user is still getting emails from some sources that has the header embedded in the message body and if an attachment, then that is embedded also as "garbage"

What is REALLY ODD.     Just now, I received an email that had the header embedded and it has never happened to me before.   I am on same version of Outlook 2003 and on an XP machine.
Could you possibly expnad on the following

The vendor we are testing with responded with this:
We use the latest version, but what we put out is compatible with Acrobat 5.0 or greater

Specifically "but what we put out is compatible with Acrobat 5.0 or greater"

What is it that they put out thats compatible with Acrobat 5.0 or greater

If your not having an issue, can you get this particular user to uninstall adobe, and install the same version of adobe you are using, that you know works....

And if this still doesnt work. Wihtout knowing what the Vendors Does or what type of company they are, or have an inkling of an idea of the various different applications that may be installed on their COmputer.......

I would suggest they setup their email on a bare bones PC or another computer they know doesnt show the same symptoms. Then try it again

If its okay ona bare Bones PC or another KNown Good PC....
Its highly likely going to be replated to something else they have on the machine

You know to some point I really have to give you some credit for merit here....

This issue is obvioulsy on the Vendors End
AS the Vendor has Admited that they also get similar emails/issues from other sources...
The issue is obvioulsy not on your end.

If it were me, id pretty much leave it at that

That is of course unless you were an ICT Consultancy Firm and the Vendor was the customer paying you for support or resolution of their issue.....
Apache, great insight there. Always helps to have more than one set of eyes on am issue. However I think you misunderstood a few things bankwest has posted. He said the user on his end has other vendors emails come in like this. He also said the vendor has not had issues with anyone else. By no means am I trying to discount your advice or act like I know more than you, just trying to keep the facts straight. Lol

Bankwest, I know you mentioned you use outlook, however, what do you use for your email server? Is it exchange?

Sheeh, why have I been thinking this issue was on the vendors end.....
(Kicks Self in Butt)

Makes it a bit easier

Get the other user, if you can, to log onto your PC
Setup a profiel fo them and their outlook
then have a go with testing the email from the vendor
Always makes things better to have a bit of humor rolled into these issues.   Laughing is better than crying.    

We have as our email provider.    Not an inhouse solution.

I will set up an email account on my PC  for this user and test that and see what happens.

Probably won't know much until Friday.

Thanks again for all the help.

FYI;   The vendor I refer two is our core processor.  We are a bank and they process for over 300 banks.   They say we are they only ones reporting this.
The other vendor that this comes from is a big bank in KC.    No known issues there either.
Update....   I had the user use the web interface at Rackspace to test emails up to that point.   They come in fine and display correctly.    She opens Outlook and when receives the emails..........they are garbage (header embedded in body and if attachment, then embedded in body as garbage)

I set up her email account on my PC  (Windows XP)   Received the emails fine.
So its gotta be her pc. Hmmm I'm gonna do some research and get back to you.
ANy new ideas on this one?    Its definitely a head scratcher!!