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Need better method for organizing and archiving e-mail

Trying to manage high volume email activity. My usual habit is to sweep each e-mail into the appropriate folder named by project title. This works well because all kinds of different e-mail Subjects come along all related to the same project. When it's time to search for something, the folder method is better and quicker than the blanket Outlook Search. When the project is complete, each folder gets archived to its own .pst and then I move it off the Exchange server. The problem with my method is when trying to work e-mail through my iPhone 5 which I just got. All my "project folders" are sub-folders of Inbox. If I set up iPhone to synch just my Inbox from Exchange, it doesn't pick up the sub-folders. Yes, I can add the current sub-folders one at a time, but these folders are in a constant state of change and I wouldn't want to go add them in per incident. I would like to go back to just keeping all e-mails in one big lump and avoid the time consumed by foldering, but with the dozens of Subject titles per project, I cannot search the way I need to. I am aware that you can change the Subject of an e-mail you already received or sent. If I were able to do something like that in a big batch, I could standardize the Subjects by giving them all one name. Don't know of any way to do that, though. In the end, I need suggestions. Segragating/grouping by project is crtitical for quick retrieval. Maybe I could use a custom field as a project name and categorize as e-mails come in? Problem with that is you can't group by a custom field in Outlook search. This is a horrible ramble so I will stop at this point.
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