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How to manage Windows 8 users


I have purchased a laptop with Windows 8 recently. During first setup, I created a user name(password protected) associated with my email account. I realized, there was another default Admin account got created without a password.

Now, as the a/c with the username with password working fine, I don't want to keep it password protected. is that possible?

I used the app/command named “netplwiz” and unchecked "users must enter a user name and password"....with this what is happening...once I restart, computer is straight logging into Deafult Administrator's account.

How do I logging to the user account straight without entering password?

Appreciate your help and comments.
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@EEndorfinized - I have used this particular step and eneded up what I explaind before : when I reboot, Windows automaticlly logging into Default Admin account not giving any option to logging to the other account.

My issue is, How do I make sure Windows either ask for what user account to choose or automatically gets into the user account.

Use computer management to disable the local admin account.

Windows will never ask you. You will be presented the logon screen and you can click on the account you like. If no pw is setup, you will enter the account without having to enter a pw.
To logon to the user account automatically, use your netplwiz method with the user account.
I'm not sure if what you're asking is possible.
It is absolutely possible.. control userpasswords2 does it for me all of the time.  Just remember to highlight the account you want to use FIRST