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Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Critical Error

Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Critical Error:
Database “namvedb01” has a large replay queue length of 2180
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Check if network is working ok, is this replicating over the WAN? If so, then check the WAN connectivity. If it is in LAN, just do a small test, create new DB and add the copy of that db and see it that works without any issue.

If this is the only db having issue, check the app logs for errors. Also system logs, if you see any disk related issues.

Normally, there are lot of reasons for this issue, so you need to start one by one and isolate it to correct root cause..create new db test is the first step from my end.
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What is the version of Exchange ??

If Exchange 2007 is the error for CCR or SCR or LCR ?
If Exchange 2010 is this for which DB ?

Hope the Replication isnt halted or no issue with the Secondary partner ?

- Rancy