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Apple monitor won't turn on

I have a apple monitor.  That is plugged in to a computer.  I have the thing plugged-in to a power adapter and it has a light flashing.  So I know it is getting power, but I don't know how to test to see if it is the monitor or the power adapter.
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Since the light is flashing, like you said it's getting power.  The only other things  you can do is test the plug that goes into the monitor with a meter or try the power supply in a known good working monitor.

And if you have a known good power supply test that in your monitor.

You could try taking your monitor and power supply to an Apple store and see if they'd help you with the testing.
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Is the light supposed to flash?  Most power lights stay solid green when they are in working order.  What color is the flashing light?  Also, what is the exact model number of the monitor?
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I will assume that you are talking about a stand alone monitor, not a monitor integrated into a laptop of iMac...

If the indicator light on the monitor is flashing green that could mean that the internal power supply ( a board that converts the 125V power to 12V and 5V for the monitor to use) is shot. I have seen 3 monitors go like that, and the power light (which would normally be amber  when the monitor is in rest mode) was flashing green. No responses from any buttons pushed on monitor.
This can be repaired if the monitor is worth the expense by replacing the "power Supply Board" or by having an electronics technician replace dead parts on the board.
I had this done on a flat screen tv and it cost me $120.00.