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Trouble installing Exchange 2007

I am trying to install Exchange 2007 SP1 (I will apply SP3 and RU 8 later)  on a Windows 2003 server, all 64bit, to act as an SCR node. I installed IIS 6, but when I ran the exchange setup I get the errors below. My exchange servers are on a 172.27.x.x network and subnet mask of This new one is in 172.27.x.x and subnet Is this the problem? Does the SCR node server need to be on a 172.27 network and with the same subnet? Thank you.

Mailbox Role Prerequisites

Setup encountered a problem while validating the state of Active Directory: Could not find Active Directory site to which this server belongs.

This computer does not belong to a valid Active Directory site. Check the site and subnet definitions.
Recommended Action:

Cannot find at least one global catalog server running Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or later in the local Active Directory site.
Recommended Action:

Setup did not detect an existing Hub Transport server role installed in Active Directory site ''. Mail cannot be sent or received from this mailbox server until a Hub Transport role is installed.

Setup did not detect an existing Client Access server role installed in Active Directory site ''. Outlook Web Access and Exchange ActiveSync mobile device access will not be available until a Client Access role is installed.

Cannot find the Recipient Update Service responsible for domain 'DC=emea,DC=lendlease,DC=com'. New and existing users may not be properly Exchange-enabled.

Elapsed Time: 00:00:37
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I guess you are trying to install this server in some other site. Solution would be to create new site in AD sites and services, add the subnet, promote one new dc and then install exchange.
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I meant to say the new server ip starts with 172.28.x.x.

Yes, its in Amazon's cloud. The server is in my domain. I can run Active Directory Users and Computers. I can acces the other servers in my domain.
Error indicates it is unable to contact AD. Normally, what i do in this case, i install the Exchange in my current site and then ship it to another site and bring it back up. Cannot comment on Amazon cloud as i didn't get a chance to work on it. Better check with vendor and update them about this issue. If you have MS support, you can contact them too...also wait for other EE's, might be someone have seen and fixed it in past.
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If it can't contact AD how is it that I can run Active Directory Users and Computers and connect to my domain and also I can map drives to other servers?  Also, I am able to RDP into the server from my PC on the domain.

My exchange servers have IP addresses of 172.27.x.x and have a subnet mask of This new one has an ip address of 172.28.x.x and has a subnet mask of

Does the server I am trying to install Exchange on need to have an IP address of 172.27.x.x and a subnet mask of

Is there any DC in that Site ?
Is this IP range 172.28 linked to any AD Site ?
Can you telnet to a DC on port 389 and 3268 ?
Run DCdiag on the server and what is the gateway on the NIC ?

- Rancy
Yes there is a DC in the site. Still waiting for answers on the other questions. i could not find dcdiag.exe in the server. Is it an add-on to windows 2003 server?

By the way does it matter that the server's ip submask is different from all my other exchange servers. My in-house exchange servers are all while this one is
Is it an add-on to windows 2003 server? - Its a command prompt command

If possible and we can have a second NIC and can try with the same Subnet and enable it and check

- Rancy
This is the first time I've placed an exchange server in a remote location, so just to be sure.

If I build an exchange server with ip address 172.27.x.x and my other exchange servers have ip address 172.28.x.x, that means they are in differnet sites?

If so, I need a DC and a GC in the 172.27 site?

Can the exchange server in the 172.27 site use dhcp for its ip addressing? Its being built as amailbox on server for Standard Continuous Replication.

As it turns out the subnet mask was not added to the AD site. I am able to install Exchange on it now. Thank you.