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Backup Exec 10d will not load Media after new HW install of MSL 2024 Tape Library

Every time I try to run BE I get a hardware error. I have replaced the tapes and re-labeled them, placed them in scratch media, and inventoried them, then placed them in  a Media Set that is recognized. Once the job starts to run, It states loading media and goes through the entire media set and then errors out

Thanks for your assistance.
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Disable and then delete the tape library from  the BE console.
Restart the BE Services. The device should re-appear and function fine. Else please post the error message;
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I have accomplished that. Still will not function. It still does the same process. I have completely removed them. I also unplugged scsi and restarted server with out Tape Library. Then shutdown server and reinstalled tape library and restarted and re did BE jobs as well, I still have the same exact error. Thanks
What happens if you put the tapes in SCRATCH MEDIA and run the job with the option to OVERWRITE MEDIA ?
It will go through and try to use scratch media and come up with the same error again.
Whats the error message ? Does the tape get loaded in the drive?
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Next time please try to provide more details relevant to the issue and avoid misleading statements. I repeatedly requested the exact error message ( "hardware error" or " comes up with the same error again " , is not enough ) .
All other answers were probably good but not one suggested bad cable/connectors. Especially since the HW was replaced, and the cables/connectors weren't .