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SQL Server 2008 Replication

Hi we have SQL Server 2008  transactional replication configured   in one of the servers with local distributor  and subscriber as well and  it has been used for reporting purposes.

But I don;t know when and how the database is changed to simple recovery mode and it has been a while. So, my question.

1) Is there any way I can reestablished replication?  if so what will be the process.
If not
2) what are the steps that i need to perform in order to create the replication with same kind of setting.

Thanks in advance
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Michael W. Krout
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I have changed the database recovery mode to full . but data hasn;t replicated.
Ideadudes thanks for your reply.

You said stopping service do you mean to stop the sql server services. and how to i restart the replication ?
Stop the services on the SQL Server.   The SQL Server service and the SQL Server Agent.   Try rebooting one server at a time.  

Let me know the results.


Idea Dudes
I have forget to mention  you that since the log is growing like crazy  I ran sp_repldone  command to  shrink the database. I don;t whether we can stop and restart the service or not because this is production server with many critical databases hosted.

I will let you know if we could .