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Need: Low Profile SCSI card to drive SCSI-2 "Fast Wide" (20 MB/s) device (Kodak i80 Scanner)

The PC that we used solely to host a Kodak i80 scanner has died. The Adaptec AHA2940 SCSI adapter card that was in the dead PC won't physically fit in the computer (Windows 7 Pro) that we need to host the scanner going forward. The new host PC (HP NV536UT#ABA) only accepts "low profile" cards. It has a PCI slot, a PCI-Express X1 slot and a PCI-Express X-16 slot.

The Kodak i80 scanner has a "50 contact receptacle (Ampenol Style)" and a "DB25-style female, 25 socket."  These are direct quotes from the manual. See user manual (p. 41 of the PDF; p. 36 as numbered by Kodak).

WHAT LOW PROFILE CARD can anyone recommend that will drive this scanner? As always, I prefer not to waste money.
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Mustafa L. McLinn
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Should be able to find on Ebay.  Quick Google reveals that they are out there.

Others may have more recommendations.
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I tried to find a 2930-LP card, but could find none. Finally, in desperation, I bought a 19160-LP card. Now my only challenge is cabling the 68 pin LVD/SE connector on the card to the DB25 connector on the scanner.

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