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Out of office assistant stops working from different subnet

I have simple network with 1 Exchange 2010 server and LAN with class C address scheme.

I had to extend the sub-net, as I was running out of IP addresses for devices etc.

My current setup is as follows:


DHCP assigns addresses from to

all servers and devices reside in subnet.

After the change I have noticed that some of the functionality of my network stopped working.

1. Out of office assistant in Outlook will not work from workstations in sub net
it gives message:

Your automatic reply settings cannot be displayed because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later.

When I try to connect to Out of office assistant on the workstation in sub net everything works as it supposed to.

2. I am also unable to connect to the websites that are hosted on our internal server - for example if I try to connect to from sub net it works, but it does not from

I suspect it has something to do with our gateway that is on with sub net of - I have no option to change it to

The only thing that I can do is to allow for multiple subnets - so I added subnet and

any idea what is wrong with this picture?
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OK I was under impression that adding 2 sub nets on the gateway would fix the issue, as you see on my previous post my gateway allows me to setup LAN IP as:
, but it allows me to add multiple sub nets as follows: and - I guess it is not enough.

I can see that having effect on accessing from the sub net

but why the Out of Office assistant is not working?

I should mention that I have no issues with the workstations on subnet to connect to Exchange (or other servers, devices and shares) on sub net with the exception of Out of Office assistant?
It will have an effect on ALL Networking between the subnet and the subnet
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But it does not have effect on ALL of the Networking.

All my servers and printers, and gateway are on and all of the workstations are on

I can communicate fine between sub nets without any issues - as far as file sharing printing connecting on different ports telnet etc.
In simple terms your network is misconfigured. Simple as that.

If you want your network to function correctly you need to EITHER change the mask on the gateway or have two seperate subnets with a mask AND a router.
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Netlsr was right that I need gateway that will route 2 sub nets - and my gateway is capable of routing multiple sub nets if it only worked. Turned out that the settings were correct, but the hardware was not doing what it was supposed to.
Got new hardware and it works now.
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Please have NETSLR read my closing comment and possibly it will explain why I awarded C.

NETSLR comments are perfectly true with exception that they did not refer to my question.

I have indicated that my hardware is setup with subnets, but it does not work - and I got answer the the gateway has to be setup to route between sunbnets. Seems like NETSLR may have not noticed my 3 separate comments that I have hardware just like that.
In effect it was not resolving my issue - the comment were in general correct, but not applicable for this particular issue which was faulty hardware not wrong setup.