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Looking for helpdesk software that works with office 365

My current help desk software has an issue connecting to Office 365. An update today was supposed to fix this but that did not do it. So does anyone know of helpdesk software that will allow integration with office 365. I really need the ability for emails to support to open tickets and then to allow updates to those emails to updated the tickets. This is crucial for my staff!
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Jian An Lim
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i rather to have a look what with your current help desk software and get them fix if it supose to fix the issues.
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They are working on it but I need to come up with a plan B just in case they do not figure it out or tell me it will be another 8 months.
I have found a hosted one from Manage Engine that looks like it works great, does anyone have any experience with this and could give me any feedback.
i work as partner with them before and their support is quite responsive (less than a few hours).

are you looking at the standard of one level up?

some like N-able actually offer a better value for reseller.

But anyway, do you have a comparitive chart on what function your current software have and what is your future software will not have?

Any change of software actually become a re-training exercise and it is not a cheap one.
I have attached a doc of what we would be looking for and also what we have.
where is the document?
Sorry here is the file
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Jian An Lim
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The migration is complete and the old exchange server was decommissioned. I am hoping Kace can get this figured out quickly since a move is not what I want to do but something that I may be forced to do if the issue does not get resolved. I will take another look at ManageEngine
I am not sure what this Kace will do, do you mind explain how ?

have you even thought of a POP/SMTP (IIS version) that will work?

just some thoughts.
I do not want to run an another SMTP service just to get one thing to work that should be working. This is not a difficult task so it should be one that is resolved by a update to Kace itself.
So many choices but you provided great feedback