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SQL Query Question

I have a query that returns information from a table.  However it returns info twice.  The only difference is the members of the team and reversed.  Is there a way to just take every other record so I can display info on an asp page

Here is query

SELECT     TOP (10000) dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].Games, dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].[Event name], dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].[Fin div], dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].Team,
                      dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].Name AS P1Name, dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].[Final score] AS P1Score, dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].Place AS P1Place,
                      dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr2].Name AS P2Name, dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr2].[Final score] AS P2Score, dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr2].Place AS P2Place, CONVERT(INT,
                      dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr2].[Final score]) + CONVERT(INT, dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].[Final score]) AS CalcTotal
FROM         dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1] INNER JOIN
                      dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr2] ON dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].Games = dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr2].Games AND
                      dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].[Event name] = dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr2].[Event name] AND dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].[Fin div] = dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr2].[Fin div] AND
                      dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].Team = dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr2].Team AND dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].Name <> dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr2].Name
ORDER BY dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].Games, dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].[Event name], dbo.[Bowling-Team-Mbr1].[Fin div], CalcTotal DESC

which gives me

2011 Area 09 Bowling      Doubles      TradDbls-1      MN Valley 3      Welter, Nicholas      395       1st place      Hutchens, Michael      402       1st place      797
2011 Area 09 Bowling      Doubles      TradDbls-1      MN Valley 3      Hutchens, Michael      402       1st place      Welter, Nicholas      395       1st place      797
2011 Area 09 Bowling      Doubles      TradDbls-1      MN Valley 6      Tisdel, Linda      212       3rd place      MacKie, Krista      314       3rd place      526
2011 Area 09 Bowling      Doubles      TradDbls-1      MN Valley 6      MacKie, Krista      314       3rd place      Tisdel, Linda      212       3rd place      526

As you see 1st record is MN Valley 3 and 2nd record is also MN Valley 3 the names are just reversed.

Or is there a way just to get the query to give the team only once
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that's really something that should be done on the middle-tier.. but hey.. to each their own! :)

You can do this in several ways..

-- 1. declare a @tmp table with an identity like so:
declare @tmpReturnDataSet (row_id int identity(0, 1), YourColumn1, YourColumn2... etc)

-- 2. load the tmp table:
insert into @tmpReturnDataSet(YourColumn1, YourColumn2)
select YourColumn1, YourColumn2
from YourTable
Where ...

-- 3. Return both left and right datasets as one..
select a.*, b.*
from @tmpReturnDataSet a
full outer join @tmpReturnDataSet b on b.Row_id = a.Row_id+1 and b.row_id%2=1

where a.row_id%2=0

You can also try ROW_NUMBER() CTE.. but that's a bit more complex..
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Thank you for the help - I'm still somewhat new to SQL so I appreciate the help.  I will try the other one as well later so I can hopefully learn more.  What is meant by Middle-Tier out of curosity