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Windows 7 Credential Manager and Saved Passwords


With a programmer, I am testing a way to authenticate outside of the network. I cannot get into the details of this, mainly because I don't understand what is underneath the code; however, I found a way to authenticate to the target domain. I can use the Windows Credential Manager.

The problem is, Windows Credential Manager still prompts me for a password even though I tell it to save the password.

To setup a Windows Credential Manager entry, I did this:

Then, I can call the target environment. But, when I do, I still get a Windows security popup. It is nice that it knows the user, but it still asks me for the password. How do I get Credential Manager to use the password I tell it to use, and not ask me again?

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These resources help and they take me into the right direction. Thank you for the information and links.