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How to comply with gnu gpl copyrighted php script requirements?

Ok, I have a small script (wp plugin) that is copywritten by the original author and released under a GNU GLP license.

I have made changes to this script - I understand that I have to release it under the same license - but what about the copyright?

Do I copyright it under my name, leave it the original authors, or... ?

I don't mind either way, and the changed plugin is just going out to my own users, not to be published on wp as a wp plugin - just not sure of how to do this correctly,

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I believe one other piece is that the source code has to be released with it as well. Since you're writing in PHP, that is automatic because php is a scripting language not a compiled one. But I am just throwing this in for completeness.
Unless you made a large change, you don't really have to do anything.  If, for example, you simply reduced the cacheing time or changed a URL to use a new data source then in my opinion it would not rise to the level of something that required any re-release.  So I would wait until someone approaches you and asks for the source code (a day that will probably never come) and when that day comes, give them the source code containing the GNU GPL statements.
You may not need to do anything, just leave the text about the GNU GLP license at the beginning of the code page,

As long as you do not make some statement that you made or wrote the entire code, or make some claim of ownership or personal copy-write, then you are doing what thousands of code experimenters are doing all the time.
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Thank you all for your feedback and thoughts on this.

And yes Ray, it involves caching time and url changes :)  You're funny (Ray helped me change the script here on EE yesterday).

I think the first answers by DrDamnit pretty much answered this with valuable comments added on.

I'll award DrDamnit here, and thank you Ray and Slick for the added comments :)