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SNMP Community string configuration

I have a couple of switches that do not have a SNMP community string configured, I"m being told that since their is not a community string configured it defaults to public and private making it a security vulnerability, I'm comparing switchs and a switch with the vulnerability does not show anything when I issue the sh snmp community, but a switch that does not have the vulnerability shows:

Community name: rswABc2oo8May@80
Community Index: rswABc2oo29Aug@80
Community SecurityName: rswABcoo29Aug
storage-type: read-only  active access-list: 55

Is it possible to do a copy and past?  Note: SNMP v3 being used.

Thank you ,
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Some devices default to "public" and "private" but most modern switches do not.

The easiest way to tell would be just to try connecting to the switches with those community strings.
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The switches in question do not have community strings , that is the main issue of the question?
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