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SendObject message body code assistance.

I have a button on a form which is used to send an email to an individual.

The onClick even macro has the following information entered in.

In the To:  =[cbo_IMO]  (this is a cbo on the form)

In the Subject: =Replace("BB Account Remedy Ticket Number: |","|",Nz([txt_Ticket],""))

The Message Text line is where I'm having the problem.  I have about a paragraph of text, but its too much to put in the line. I thought maybe it would work to put the text in a table field and then use some sort of code on that line to input the field from that table into the message text of the email.  So I created a table (tbl_EmailText) with one field (EmailText) where I put the text I would like entered into the body of the email.

What would the code be that I would put in the line in the macro to have it put the content of that table field into the email?  Thank You.
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Thank you, just as I was looking for.