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customized alert for outlook 2010 individual e-mails.

I am looking for an add-in that can tag certain email to flash an alert when read and before being sent. The tag/alert can be placed by anybody in the email chain to warn recipient that the email contains sensitive information, ie. internal pricing, mark-up calculations etc. This will warn the current recipient to double check to make sure that the email does not mistakenly sent or cc'd to unintended recipient.
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What is the exact criteria that you are going to use to determine this?
Specific words in the message body? Specific Attachments by filename? About the only solution I can think of is more of an exchange rule that sends all external outgoing mail to a manager for approval.
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No criteria, the email chain gets tagged somehow by any in the chain who will attach or enter any confidential pricing information. Once tagged, this email will flash an alert when opened, when the recipient click on reply and forward. It need only to be tagged once and it will keep on flashing the alert when any of the three conditions are met, 1. opened, 2. forwarded 3. replied.

We have email chains to and fro from our sales dept, suppliers, production, warehousing and shipping. and sometimes, customers. Those emails sometimes end up looking like discussion threads with replies reaching up to more than 100, depending on how many people and department has to be involved. And we generate hundreds of those email on a daily basis. To manually have somebody sort out those emails, will require several personnel, so it is not feasible.
There has to be something unique to messages like this for the computer to recognize it and perform a custom action. My first thought was categories but an often included rule is remove all categories from incoming messages.

Perhaps training users to use the view discussion and to strip out older non pertinent parts of the message.. Rather than getting a huge message that contains all previous correspondence on this subject.

And no it will need to be tagged for EVERY response, as this 'tag' may be deleted or modified by the recipient when they reply and their reply contains the 'company confidential' information and your employee then replies to this message. They will have to re-tag it. I can't think of a method that would consistently persist when corresponding with an outside party.

Perhaps adding as the first line of text: This document contains Company Confidential Information
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