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can't use GUI tool

I was trying to use GUI tool: "system-config-packages" to install gcc compiler on my CentOS6.3  according to the first option offered on this article:

But after I run it, it says 'command not found' , why I couldn't run this tool, is it inbuilt with CentOS.

thank you.

[root@CentOS ~]# system-config-packages &
[1] 25203
[root@CentOS ~]# -bash: system-config-packages: command not found
[root@CentOS ~]# system-config-packages &
[2] 25204
[1]   Exit 127                system-config-packages
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Try option 3

# yum install gcc gcc-c++ autoconf automake
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I already tried option three and it's working. I just want to know how I can make option 1 working.

Same as this command: redhat-network-config

When I run it on my CentOS 6.3, it gives me this error;

"-bash: redhat-network-config: command not found",

please help.
anyhelp for this?

thank you.
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Good explanation.